For Sale PILLING 353666 Pilling 353666 DEBAKEY-TANGENTIAL CLAMP, Curved, 2 3/8" (5.9cm) tip length, Curved shaft, 10" (25.5cm)

For Sale PILLING 353666 Pilling 353666 DEBAKEY-TANGENTIAL CLAMP, Curved, 2 3/8" (5.9cm) tip length, Curved shaft, 10" (25.5cm)

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Curved, 2 3/8" (5.9cm) tip length, Curved shaft, 10" (25.5cm) Product: Pilling DeBakey-Tangential Clamp Surgical Tool Product Description: Introducing the Pilling DeBakey-Tangential Clamp, a specialized surgical instrument designed for a wide range of cardiovascular and vascular procedures. This clamp offers surgeons exceptional control, precision, and versatility, making it an essential tool in various surgical specialties. Features: 1. High-Quality Materials: The DeBakey-Tangential Clamp is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials to ensure superior strength, biocompatibility, and durability. Pilling, a reputable manufacturer, is committed to using premium materials to meet the demanding requirements of surgical instruments. 2. Versatile Design: The clamp features a versatile design that allows for precise tangential clamping of blood vessels. Its curved jaws enable surgeons to securely grasp vessels at a tangent, facilitating controlled occlusion and minimizing vessel trauma during procedures. 3. Atraumatic Jaw Surface: The jaws of the DeBakey-Tangential Clamp are designed with atraumatic surfaces, reducing the risk of vessel damage and ensuring patient safety. The smooth, non-serrated jaws minimize tissue trauma and provide a secure grip on blood vessels for optimal surgical outcomes. 4. Ergonomic Handle: The clamp is equipped with an ergonomic handle that offers a comfortable grip and facilitates precise control during the procedure. The handle design enables surgeons to exert the necessary pressure and maintain a steady grip, ensuring accurate and reliable vessel occlusion. Specialties and Uses: The Pilling DeBakey-Tangential Clamp finds applications in various surgical specialties, including: 1. Cardiovascular Surgery: Cardiovascular surgeons utilize the DeBakey-Tangential Clamp during cardiac surgeries, such as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or valve replacement procedures. The clamp enables precise tangential occlusion of vessels, allowing surgeons to create a controlled operative field and perform meticulous procedures. 2. Vascular Surgery: Vascular surgeons rely on the DeBakey-Tangential Clamp for various vascular procedures, including arterial bypass grafting, vascular reconstructions, or aneurysm repairs. The clamp's tangential clamping capability facilitates secure vessel occlusion and accurate anastomosis, ensuring optimal blood flow restoration. 3. Thoracic Surgery: Thoracic surgeons may utilize the DeBakey-Tangential Clamp during lung resections or thoracic aortic surgeries. The clamp aids in precise occlusion of vessels, allowing surgeons to perform intricate procedures while minimizing the risk of bleeding and preserving vital structures. Importance of High-Quality Materials: Using high-quality materials in surgical instruments, such as the DeBakey-Tangential Clamp, is crucial for the following reasons: 1. Safety and Reliability: Surgical procedures demand precise control and reliable instruments. High-quality materials ensure the clamp's structural integrity, biocompatibility, and resistance to fatigue, reducing the risk of instrument failure or complications during critical surgeries. 2. Durability and Longevity: Surgical instruments used in complex procedures must withstand repeated use, cleaning, and sterilization. High-quality materials contribute to the clamp's durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring consistent performance. 3. Sterilization and Hygiene: High-quality materials, such as medical-grade alloys, facilitate effective sterilization of the clamp. These materials possess non-porous and corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring the instrument maintains its sterility and hygiene, minimizing the risk of infection or cross-contamination. Pilling as a Reputable Manufacturer: Pilling is a trusted and reputable manufacturer renowned for its commitment to precision, quality, and innovation in surgical instruments. With a legacy spanning decades, Pilling has earned the trust of surgeons and healthcare professionals worldwide. Pilling's rigorous quality control measures, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials ensure that Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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