For Sale BUCHI Glass 1000mL 24/40 Plastic Coated Rotary Evaporating Pear Flask Water Bath

For Sale BUCHI Glass 1000mL 24/40 Plastic Coated Rotary Evaporating Pear Flask Water Bath

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Product Description: The Buchi Glass 1000mL 24/40 Plastic Coated Rotary Evaporating Pear Flask is a versatile laboratory flask designed for rotary evaporation processes. It is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and features a plastic coating for added durability and protection. This flask is compatible with Buchi rotary evaporators and offers excellent performance in various applications. Features: 1. High-Quality Glass: The flask is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability. It can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemical environments, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. 2. Plastic Coating: The flask is coated with a durable plastic layer that provides additional protection against accidental breakage and chemical spills. The plastic coating enhances the flask's durability and makes it easier to handle and clean. 3. Large Capacity: With a capacity of 1000mL, this flask allows for the evaporation of larger sample volumes. It is suitable for processing larger quantities of liquid samples, making it ideal for scale-up experiments or industrial applications. 4. 24/40 Joint Size: The flask features a standard 24/40 joint size, which is compatible with various rotary evaporator systems and accessories. It ensures a secure and tight connection, preventing leaks during the evaporation process. 5. Versatile Use: The flask is commonly used in rotary evaporation, a technique used for solvent removal, concentration, and purification of compounds. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical research, and environmental analysis. Use Cases: 1. Solvent Removal: The rotary evaporating pear flask is used to remove solvents from liquid samples through evaporation. It is commonly used in chemical laboratories for the concentration and isolation of desired compounds. 2. Sample Concentration: The flask is ideal for concentrating dilute samples by evaporating the solvent. It is widely used in analytical laboratories to concentrate samples for further analysis or testing. 3. Purification Processes: The flask is used in purification processes to separate desired compounds from impurities or unwanted components. It enables the removal of volatile components while retaining the target compounds. 4. Scale-Up Experiments: With its large capacity, the flask is suitable for scale-up experiments where larger sample volumes need to be processed. It allows researchers to replicate laboratory-scale processes on a larger scale. French Description: Le flacon en verre Buchi de 1000 ml, revêtu de plastique, avec un col rotatif 24/40, est un flacon de laboratoire polyvalent conçu pour les processus de distillation rotative. Il est fabriqué en verre borosilicaté de haute qualité et est revêtu de plastique pour une durabilité et une protection accrues. Ce flacon est compatible avec les évaporateurs rotatifs Buchi et offre d'excellentes performances dans diverses applications. Spanish Description: El frasco de pera de evaporación rotativa de vidrio Buchi de 1000 ml, revestido de plástico, con una junta 24/40, es un frasco de laboratorio versátil diseñado para procesos de evaporación rotativa. Está fabricado con vidrio de borosilicato de alta calidad y cuenta con un revestimiento de plástico para mayor durabilidad y protección. Este frasco es compatible con los evaporadores rotativos Buchi y ofrece un excelente rendimiento en diversas aplicaciones. Chinese Description: Buchi Glass 1000毫升 24/40 塑料涂层旋转蒸发梨形烧瓶是一种多功能实验 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


ModelGlass 1000mL 24/40 Plastic Coated Rotary Evaporating Pear Flask
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