For Sale BIOTAGE Cartridges FKO-1107-17044 KP-SIL, 32-63 um 120 ml Silica Gel Gas Chromatograph

For Sale BIOTAGE Cartridges FKO-1107-17044 KP-SIL, 32-63 um 120 ml Silica Gel Gas Chromatograph

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Product Description: The Biotage Cartridge Silica Gel 32-63 μm is a high-quality chromatography medium designed for purification and separation processes in various laboratory applications. This silica gel cartridge offers efficient and reliable chromatographic performance for the purification of organic compounds. Features: 1. Particle Size and Pore Structure: The cartridge contains silica gel particles with a particle size range of 32-63 μm. The optimized particle size and uniform pore structure provide excellent separation and purification capabilities. 2. High Purity Silica Gel: The silica gel used in the cartridge is of high purity, ensuring minimal interference and contamination during the chromatographic process. It allows for precise and reliable separation of target compounds. 3. High Loading Capacity: The cartridge has a high loading capacity, allowing for the purification of larger sample volumes. It can handle a wide range of sample sizes, making it suitable for various purification applications. 4. Compatibility: The Biotage Cartridge Silica Gel is compatible with a variety of chromatography systems and instruments, making it easy to integrate into existing laboratory setups. It can be used with both manual and automated purification systems. 5. Easy-to-Use Design: The cartridge is designed for easy handling and installation. It features a standard cartridge format, allowing for seamless operation and quick setup in chromatography processes. Use Cases: 1. Organic Compound Purification: The silica gel cartridge is commonly used for the purification of organic compounds in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical research, and natural product isolation. It effectively separates impurities and unwanted substances from the target compounds. 2. Sample Cleanup: The cartridge can be used for sample cleanup in analytical laboratories. It removes interfering compounds and contaminants, ensuring accurate and reliable analytical results in various analytical techniques. 3. Preparative Chromatography: The silica gel cartridge is suitable for preparative chromatography, enabling the separation and purification of target compounds on a larger scale. It is commonly employed in the purification of natural products, drug candidates, and intermediates. 4. Flash Chromatography: The cartridge is well-suited for flash chromatography, a rapid and efficient chromatographic technique for compound separation. It allows for quick purification of complex mixtures, providing purified fractions for further analysis or synthesis. French Description: La cartouche de gel de silice Biotage 32-63 μm est un milieu de chromatographie de haute qualité conçu pour les processus de purification et de séparation dans diverses applications de laboratoire. Cette cartouche de gel de silice offre des performances chromatographiques efficaces et fiables pour la purification de composés organiques. Spanish Description: La cartucho de gel de sílica Biotage de 32-63 μm es un medio de cromatografía de alta calidad diseñado para procesos de purificación y separación en diversas aplicaciones de laboratorio. Este cartucho de gel de sílica ofrece un rendimiento cromatográfico eficiente y confiable para la purificación de compuestos orgánicos. Chinese Description: Biotage 32-63 μm硅胶柱是一种高品质的色谱介质,专为实验室中的纯化和分离过程设计。该硅胶柱提供高效可靠的色谱性能,用于有机化合物的纯化。 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


ModelCartridges FKO-1107-17044 KP-SIL, 32-63 um 120 ml Silica Gel
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