For Sale LABCONCO 40Ml VIRTIS Glass 40mL Freeze Dry Flask - No Lid 75420 Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

For Sale LABCONCO 40Ml VIRTIS Glass 40mL Freeze Dry Flask - No Lid 75420 Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

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Product Description: The LabConco 40mL VIRTIS Glass Freeze Dry Flask is a high-quality flask designed for freeze-drying applications in laboratory and research settings. This flask is made of durable glass material and provides a secure container for small volume samples during the freeze-drying process. Features: 1. High-Quality Glass Construction: The LabConco Freeze Dry Flask is made of high-quality glass, ensuring durability and resistance to temperature variations. It provides a reliable and inert container for freeze-drying small volume samples. 2. Suitable Size: With a capacity of 40mL, this flask is ideal for freeze-drying small volume samples. Its compact size allows for efficient use of laboratory resources and enables faster freeze-drying cycles. 3. Wide Neck Opening: The flask features a wide neck opening, facilitating easy sample loading and retrieval. The large opening also allows for easy cleaning and ensures optimal heat transfer during the freeze-drying process. 4. Compatible with Freeze-Drying Systems: The LabConco 40mL Glass Flask is designed to be compatible with various freeze-drying systems. It can be securely attached to freeze dryers, ensuring reliable and efficient freeze-drying of samples. Use Cases: 1. Freeze-Drying Small Volume Samples: The LabConco 40mL VIRTIS Glass Flask is commonly used for freeze-drying small volume samples, such as pharmaceutical formulations, biological samples, and delicate compounds. It preserves the integrity and stability of the samples during the freeze-drying process. 2. Research and Development: The flask finds applications in laboratory research and development for freeze-drying experiments, optimization of freeze-drying parameters, and formulation studies. It allows for the efficient drying of small sample volumes. 3. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries: In pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the flask is utilized for freeze-drying small volume drug formulations, vaccines, and diagnostic reagents. It aids in the preservation and long-term storage of sensitive pharmaceutical products. 4. Food and Beverage Industry: The LabConco 40mL Glass Flask is also used in the food and beverage industry for freeze-drying small volume food ingredients, flavors, and specialty products. It helps retain the natural properties and flavors of the freeze-dried materials. French Description: La fiole en verre LabConco de 40 ml pour lyophilisation est une fiole de haute qualité conçue pour les applications de lyophilisation en laboratoire et en recherche. Cette fiole est fabriquée en verre durable et offre un contenant sécurisé pour les échantillons de petit volume lors du processus de lyophilisation. Spanish Description: La botella de vidrio LabConco de 40 ml para liofilización es una botella de alta calidad diseñada para aplicaciones de liofilización en laboratorios e investigaciones. Esta botella está fabricada en vidrio duradero y proporciona un contenedor seguro para muestras de pequeño volumen durante el proceso de liofilización. Chinese Description: LabConco 40毫升VIRTIS玻璃冻干瓶是一种高质量的瓶子,专为实验室和研究中的冻干应用而设计。该瓶子采用耐用的玻璃材料制成,在冻干过程中为小容积样品提供安全的容器。 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


Model40Ml VIRTIS Glass 40mL Freeze Dry Flask - No Lid 75420
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