For Sale STRYKER 7208 For Sale STRYKER 7208 System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece

For Sale STRYKER 7208 For Sale STRYKER 7208 System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece

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Product Description: The Stryker 7208 System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece is a state-of-the-art surgical tool designed for precision cutting in orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. This handpiece combines power, versatility, and exceptional performance to deliver optimal surgical outcomes. Features: 1. High-Powered Cutting: The System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece offers high-powered cutting performance, allowing surgeons to make precise and efficient bone cuts. It is designed to handle various bone densities, providing consistent cutting performance. 2. Versatile Attachments: The handpiece is compatible with a range of cutting attachments, allowing surgeons to customize their approach based on the specific procedure and patient needs. This versatility enhances surgical flexibility and precision. 3. Ergonomic Design: The handpiece features an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip and minimizes hand fatigue during long surgical procedures. The lightweight construction and balanced weight distribution further enhance control and maneuverability. 4. Quick-Release Mechanism: The handpiece is equipped with a quick-release mechanism, enabling rapid attachment changes. Surgeons can seamlessly transition between different cutting tools, saving valuable operating time. 5. Durability and Reliability: The System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece is built to withstand the demands of the operating room environment. It is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term reliability. Use Cases: 1. Orthopedic Surgery: The System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece is commonly used in orthopedic procedures, such as joint replacement surgeries, fracture fixation, and limb reconstruction. It enables precise bone resection and cutting, contributing to successful surgical outcomes. 2. Neurosurgery: In neurosurgical procedures, the handpiece assists in bone removal and craniotomy. Its high-powered cutting capabilities and compatibility with specialized attachments make it suitable for various neurosurgical applications. 3. Trauma Surgery: The handpiece is utilized in trauma cases to perform accurate and efficient bone cutting during fracture fixation procedures. It aids in the restoration of bone alignment and stability. 4. Spine Surgery: The System 7 Sagittal Saw Handpiece is often used in spinal surgeries, such as laminectomy and spinal fusion. It enables precise bone resection and facilitates the insertion of spinal implants. French Description: La pièce à main de scie sagittale Stryker 7208 System 7 est un outil chirurgical de pointe conçu pour les coupes précises lors de procédures orthopédiques et neurochirurgicales. Cette pièce à main allie puissance, polyvalence et performances exceptionnelles pour obtenir des résultats chirurgicaux optimaux. Spanish Description: El mango de sierra sagital Stryker 7208 System 7 es una herramienta quirúrgica de última generación diseñada para realizar cortes precisos en procedimientos ortopédicos y neuroquirúrgicos. Este mango combina potencia, versatilidad y un rendimiento excepcional para lograr resultados quirúrgicos óptimos. Chinese Description: Stryker 7208 System 7矢状锯手柄是一种先进的手术工具,用于精确切割骨骼的骨科和神经外科手术。该手柄具备强大的切割性能,能够实现精准高效的骨骼切割。它适用于各种骨密度,提供稳定一致的切割效果。 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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