For Sale BD 364979 BD Vacutainer Urinalysis Tube Plain 10 mL Conventional Closure Plastic Tube

For Sale BD 364979 BD Vacutainer Urinalysis Tube Plain 10 mL Conventional Closure Plastic Tube

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1,000 Tubes Total 10 Packs x 100 Tubes Product Description: The BD 364979 Urine Collection Tube is a high-quality medical device designed for the convenient and hygienic collection and storage of urine samples. This sterile tube ensures reliable sample preservation and accurate diagnostic testing, making it an essential tool in clinical settings. Features: 1. 10 mL Capacity: The urine collection tube has a generous capacity of 10 mL, allowing for sufficient sample volume for diagnostic testing and analysis. 2. Sterile Design: The tube is sterilized to maintain sample integrity and prevent contamination. It ensures the reliability and accuracy of test results. 3. Screw Cap Closure: The tube is equipped with a screw cap closure, providing a secure and leak-proof seal to prevent sample leakage and maintain sample integrity during transportation and storage. 4. Clear and Transparent Material: The tube is made of clear and transparent material, allowing easy visual inspection of the sample and facilitating accurate measurement. 5. Convenient Labeling Area: The tube features a designated area for easy and clear labeling of patient information and sample identification, ensuring proper sample tracking and traceability. Use Cases: 1. Clinical Diagnostics: The BD 364979 Urine Collection Tube is commonly used in clinical settings for the collection and preservation of urine samples for diagnostic testing. It enables accurate analysis and diagnosis of various urinary tract conditions, infections, and diseases. 2. Urinalysis: The tube is ideal for urinalysis, allowing healthcare professionals to assess various parameters such as pH levels, specific gravity, presence of proteins, glucose, and other substances. It aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of urinary system disorders. 3. Drug Testing: The urine collection tube is often utilized in drug testing procedures to collect urine samples for toxicology screening. Its sterile design ensures reliable and accurate test results for drug detection. 4. Research and Studies: The BD 364979 Urine Collection Tube is valuable in research and academic studies that require the collection and preservation of urine samples for scientific investigations, epidemiological studies, and population health assessments. French Description: Le tube de collecte d'urine BD 364979 d'une capacité de 10 mL est un dispositif médical de haute qualité conçu pour la collecte et le stockage pratique et hygiénique d'échantillons d'urine. Ce tube stérile garantit la préservation fiable des échantillons et des tests diagnostiques précis, en faisant un outil essentiel dans les environnements cliniques. Spanish Description: El tubo de recolección de orina BD 364979 con una capacidad de 10 mL es un dispositivo médico de alta calidad diseñado para la recolección y almacenamiento conveniente y higiénico de muestras de orina. Este tubo estéril asegura la preservación confiable de las muestras y pruebas diagnósticas precisas, lo que lo convierte en una herramienta esencial en entornos clínicos. Chinese Description: BD 364979尿液收集管容量为10 mL,是一种高品质的医疗器械,旨在方便卫生地收集和储存尿液样本。这种无菌管确保可靠的样本保存和准确的诊断测试,使其成为临床环境中不可或缺的工具。 (Note: Please note that the translations provided by AI may not be perfect, and it's always recommended to have professional translations for accuracy.) Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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