For Sale THERMO FISHER 260251 Thermo Scientific 260251 Microplate 96 Well 1300 ul Deep Well Polypropylene Case of 50 Plates

For Sale THERMO FISHER 260251 Thermo Scientific 260251 Microplate 96 Well 1300 ul Deep Well Polypropylene Case of 50 Plates

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Product Description: The Thermo Fisher DeepWell Sample Storage Plates are essential laboratory tools designed for efficient sample storage and handling. Made from durable Polypropylene, these plates offer exceptional chemical resistance and integrity, ensuring the safe storage of valuable biological samples. With their V-shaped bottom, these plates provide additional benefits for sample recovery and compatibility with automation systems. Features: 1. Polypropylene Construction: The plates are made from high-quality Polypropylene, a chemically resistant material known for its durability and stability. This ensures the integrity of stored samples and minimizes the risk of contamination or leaching, making them suitable for long-term storage applications. 2. V-Shaped Bottom: The V-shaped bottom design allows for maximum sample recovery by facilitating complete sample retrieval, even in small volumes. This feature is especially beneficial for assays requiring minimal sample loss and downstream analysis. 3. Well-Defined Grid: The plates feature a well-defined grid pattern, enabling easy identification and tracking of samples. This grid allows for quick and accurate sample retrieval, reducing the risk of errors during experiments or screening assays. 4. SBS Standard Format: The plates are designed in accordance with the Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standards, ensuring compatibility with automated liquid handling systems and robotic platforms. This enables high-throughput processing and efficient integration into automated workflows. Use Cases: 1. Sample Storage: DeepWell Sample Storage Plates are ideal for long-term storage of biological samples, including DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell lysates. The plates provide ample volume capacity and excellent sample protection, making them suitable for biobanking, genomics, and drug discovery applications. 2. High-Throughput Screening: The plates are widely used in high-throughput screening assays, allowing simultaneous testing of numerous compounds or samples. Their compatibility with automation systems enhances efficiency, enabling rapid screening of large libraries and accelerating the discovery of new drug candidates. 3. Cell Culture: DeepWell Sample Storage Plates are suitable for cell culture applications, providing sufficient volume and surface area for cell growth. The V-shaped bottom design aids in cell recovery and sedimentation, making them valuable tools for cell-based assays, drug screening, and tissue engineering research. 4. Liquid Handling: The plates' SBS standard format ensures compatibility with automated liquid handling systems, enabling precise and efficient pipetting. This makes them essential for high-throughput liquid handling workflows, including sample preparation, dilution series, and compound management. French Description: Les plaques de stockage d'échantillons DeepWell de Thermo Fisher sont des outils de laboratoire essentiels conçus pour le stockage et la manipulation efficaces des échantillons. Fabriquées en polypropylène durable, ces plaques offrent une résistance chimique exceptionnelle, garantissant le stockage sûr des échantillons biologiques précieux. Grâce à leur fond en forme de V, ces plaques offrent des avantages supplémentaires pour la récupération des échantillons et la compatibilité avec les systèmes d'automatisation. Spanish Description: Las placas de almacenamiento de muestras DeepWell de Thermo Fisher son herramientas de laboratorio esenciales diseñadas para el almacenamiento y manejo eficiente de muestras. Fabricadas en polipropileno resistente, estas placas ofrecen una resistencia química y una integridad excepcionales, garantizando el almacenamiento seguro de muestras biológicas valiosas. Con su fondo en forma de V, estas placas proporcionan beneficios adicionales para la recuperación de muestras y la compatibilidad con sistemas de automatización. Chinese Description: Thermo Fisher深孔样品存储板是用于高效样品 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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