For Sale BIONESS NESS H200 Muscle Stimulator

For Sale BIONESS NESS H200 Muscle Stimulator

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Product Description: The Bioness Ness Wireless H200 Left Hand Attachment Pieces are essential accessories designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 Rehabilitation System for individuals with impaired hand function on the left side. These attachment pieces allow users to securely and comfortably wear the system, enabling precise muscle stimulation and improved hand movement during rehabilitation exercises. Features: 1. Wireless Connectivity: The attachment pieces seamlessly connect to the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system wirelessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires and providing freedom of movement during therapy sessions. 2. Customizable Fit: The attachment pieces are adjustable and offer a secure and comfortable fit, accommodating different hand sizes and shapes to ensure optimal electrode placement and stimulation effectiveness for the left hand. 3. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, the attachment pieces are durable and long-lasting, withstanding the rigors of daily use and providing reliable support during rehabilitation activities. 4. Easy Application: The attachment pieces are designed for easy and quick application, simplifying the setup process and allowing users to effortlessly integrate the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system into their rehabilitation routines for the left hand. 5. Versatile Compatibility: The attachment pieces are specifically designed for the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance for individuals with impaired left-hand function. Use Cases: 1. Rehabilitation Therapy: The attachment pieces allow individuals with impaired left-hand function to securely wear the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system during rehabilitation therapy sessions. This enables precise and targeted muscle stimulation, facilitating improved hand movement and enhancing overall rehabilitation progress. 2. Functional Training: The attachment pieces are beneficial for individuals looking to regain or enhance hand function in daily activities. By wearing the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system with the attachment pieces, users can engage in functional training exercises that mimic real-life tasks, promoting skill development and independence for the left hand. 3. Home-Based Rehabilitation: The attachment pieces enable individuals to continue their rehabilitation exercises at home with the Bioness Ness Wireless H200 system. This promotes consistent and convenient therapy, allowing for increased independence and improved hand function in everyday life for the left hand. French Description: Les pièces d'attache sans fil pour la main gauche Bioness Ness Wireless H200 sont des accessoires essentiels conçus pour améliorer la fonctionnalité et la polyvalence du système de rééducation sans fil Bioness Ness H200 pour les personnes ayant une fonction manuelle altérée du côté gauche. Ces pièces d'attache permettent aux utilisateurs de porter le système de manière sécurisée et confortable, facilitant une stimulation musculaire précise et une amélioration du mouvement de la main lors des exercices de rééducation. Spanish Description: Las Piezas de Sujeción Inalámbricas para la Mano Izquierda Bioness Ness Wireless H200 son accesorios esenciales diseñados para mejorar la funcionalidad y versatilidad del Sistema de Rehabilitación Bioness Ness Wireless H200 para personas con función manual deteriorada en el lado izquierdo. Estas piezas de sujeción permiten a los usuarios llevar el sistema de manera segura y cómoda, permitiendo una estimulación muscular precisa y mejorando el movimiento de la mano durante los ejercicios de rehabilitación. Chinese Description: Bioness Ness无线H200左手附件是用于改善左手功能受损个体的Bioness Ness无线H200康复系统的必备配件。这些附件能够让用户安全、舒适地佩戴系统,在康 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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