For Sale BIONESS H200 Remote Physical Therapy Unit

For Sale BIONESS H200 Remote Physical Therapy Unit

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Product Description: The Remote for Ness H200 Large Right Hand Rehabilitation Muscle Stimulator System is an innovative accessory designed to enhance the functionality and ease of use of the Ness H200 Rehabilitation Muscle Stimulator. This compact remote control allows users to conveniently adjust and control the stimulation parameters, providing a customized and effective rehabilitation experience for individuals with impaired hand function. Features: 1. Wireless Control: The remote control utilizes wireless technology, enabling users to adjust stimulation intensity, timing, and mode without the need for physical contact with the main device, providing greater convenience and flexibility. 2. Intuitive Interface: With its user-friendly interface, the remote control offers simple and easy navigation, allowing users and caregivers to quickly select and modify various stimulation settings. 3. Personalized Stimulation: The remote control allows for the customization of stimulation parameters, ensuring that individuals receive tailored therapy based on their specific needs and rehabilitation goals. 4. Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, the remote control is easily portable, enabling users to carry it conveniently during therapy sessions or daily activities. 5. Enhanced User Experience: The remote control enhances the overall user experience by providing greater control and flexibility over the muscle stimulation process, fostering increased engagement and motivation during rehabilitation. Use Cases: 1. Rehabilitation Therapy: The remote control is specifically designed for use with the Ness H200 Rehabilitation Muscle Stimulator System, providing individuals with impaired hand function the ability to independently adjust and control the stimulation parameters during therapy sessions, enhancing their rehabilitation progress. 2. Home-Based Rehabilitation: The remote control enables individuals to continue their rehabilitation exercises at home, under the guidance of healthcare professionals, ensuring consistent and effective therapy even outside clinical settings. 3. Assistive Device for Daily Activities: The remote control can be used to activate the Ness H200 system during daily activities, such as grasping objects or performing functional movements, allowing individuals to regain or improve their hand function in various daily tasks. French Description: La télécommande pour le système de stimulateur musculaire de rééducation Ness H200 pour grande main droite est un accessoire innovant conçu pour améliorer la fonctionnalité et la facilité d'utilisation du stimulateur musculaire de rééducation Ness H200. Cette télécommande compacte permet aux utilisateurs d'ajuster et de contrôler facilement les paramètres de stimulation, offrant une expérience de rééducation personnalisée et efficace pour les personnes ayant une fonction manuelle altérée. Spanish Description: El Control Remoto para el Sistema de Estimulación Muscular de Rehabilitación de Mano Derecha Ness H200 es un accesorio innovador diseñado para mejorar la funcionalidad y facilidad de uso del Estimulador Muscular de Rehabilitación Ness H200. Este control remoto compacto permite a los usuarios ajustar y controlar de manera conveniente los parámetros de estimulación, proporcionando una experiencia de rehabilitación personalizada y efectiva para personas con función manual deteriorada. Chinese Description: Ness H200大右手康复肌肉刺激器系统遥控器是一款创新配件,旨在增强Ness H200康复肌肉刺激器的功能和使用便捷性。这款小巧的遥控器可以方便地调整和控制刺激参数,为手部功能受损的个体提供定制化和有效的康复体验。 Please note that the description in Chinese may not be displayed correctly due to encoding limitations. Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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