For Sale HUDSON RIC20XR Pipetter

For Sale HUDSON RIC20XR Pipetter

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Product Description: The Hudson Automated Pipettor is a liquid handling instrument that automates the process of pipetting in a laboratory setting. It is designed to perform accurate and precise liquid handling tasks quickly and efficiently, with minimal user input. The system consists of a pipetting head, a robotic arm, and a control interface. The pipetting head contains multiple channels that can dispense or aspirate liquids from a variety of sources, such as tubes or plates. The robotic arm moves the pipetting head between different positions, allowing it to access multiple samples and perform different tasks. The control interface allows the user to program the instrument with specific pipetting protocols and sequences. The Hudson Automated Pipettor is commonly used in high-throughput screening assays, sample preparation for analytical techniques, and other applications that require repetitive liquid handling tasks. It can increase the speed and accuracy of experiments while reducing the risk of human error and contamination. The Hudson SOLO™ is a low cost, flexible and easy-to-use automated pipettor. Available in single, 8 and 12 channel pipette options the SOLO automated pipetting robot can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, with greatly improved precision (see the Specifications tab): The SOLO takes minutes to learn to use Easy-to-use, agile and flexible software As precise as any ‘big deck’ robotic liquid handling system The Hudson Solo Automated Pipettor RIC20XR combined with the Torey Pines Dry Bath is a powerful and versatile laboratory automation system that enhances liquid handling and sample processing workflows. This unique combination of instruments offers precise pipetting and controlled temperature incubation, making it an invaluable asset for research laboratories and scientific institutions. Features: 1. Automated Pipetting: The Hudson Solo RIC20XR provides reliable and accurate pipetting, eliminating manual errors and reducing repetitive strain injuries associated with manual pipetting. 2. Adjustable Pipetting Parameters: The automated pipettor allows users to program and customize pipetting parameters, including volume, speed, and mixing, catering to a wide range of applications and sample types. 3. Multiple Pipetting Modes: The pipettor offers various pipetting modes, such as single aspiration and dispensing, multi-dispensing, and sequential dispensing, accommodating different experimental requirements. 4. Intuitive Software Interface: The instrument is equipped with user-friendly software, enabling easy programming, method storage, and seamless integration with other laboratory devices. 5. Dry Bath Incubation: The Torey Pines Dry Bath provides precise temperature control for incubation and sample heating applications, facilitating various enzymatic reactions, DNA amplification, and other temperature-dependent assays. 6. Interchangeable Heating Blocks: The dry bath accommodates interchangeable heating blocks of various sizes, allowing for efficient and simultaneous processing of multiple samples at different temperatures. Use Cases: 1. Molecular Biology Research: The combination of the automated pipettor and dry bath is ideal for DNA/RNA extraction, PCR setup, qPCR, DNA sequencing, and other molecular biology applications. 2. Drug Discovery and Development: The system aids in high-throughput screening, compound preparation, assay development, and drug formulation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in pharmaceutical research. 3. Clinical Diagnostics: Suitable for clinical laboratories, the automated pipettor and dry bath support sample preparation, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and other diagnostic procedures. 4. Life Science Research: From protein expression and purification to cell culture and assay development, this versatile system streamlines workflows and enhances productivity in various life science disciplines. French Description: L'ensemble Hudson Solo Automated Pipettor RIC20XR associé au Torey Pines Dry Bath est un système d'automatisation de laboratoire puissant et polyvalent qui améliore la manipulation des liquides et les processus d'échantillonnage. Cette combinaison unique d'instruments offre un pipetage précis et une incubation à température contrôlée, en faisant un atout inestimable pour les laboratoires de recherche et les institutions scientifiques. Spanish Description: La combinación del pipeteador automatizado Hudson Solo RIC20XR con el Torey Pines Dry Bath es un sistema de automatización de laboratorio potente y versátil que mejora la manipulación de líquidos y los procesos de procesamiento de muestras. Esta combinación única de instrumentos ofrece pipeteado preciso y incubación a temperatura controlada, lo que lo convierte en un recurso invaluable para laboratorios de investigación e instituciones científicas. Chinese Description: Hudson Solo自动移液器RIC20XR结合Torey Pines干浴装置是一种功能强大而多用途的实验室自动化系统,可增强液体处理和样品处理工作流程。这种独特的仪器组合提供精确的移液和温度控制孵育,是 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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