For Sale SYNCADIA Heart Simulator Set Patient Simulator

For Sale SYNCADIA Heart Simulator Set Patient Simulator

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Product Description: The SynCadia Heart Simulator Set Mock Loop Artificial Heart Study System is an advanced and comprehensive tool designed for studying artificial heart systems and conducting research in the field of cardiovascular medicine. This unique system provides a realistic simulation of cardiac function and serves as a valuable resource for researchers and medical professionals. Features: 1. Realistic Simulation: The Heart Simulator Set accurately replicates the physiological dynamics of a human heart, allowing researchers to study and analyze the performance of artificial heart systems in a controlled environment. 2. Mock Loop System: The system includes a mock circulation loop that mimics the blood flow and pressure dynamics of the human cardiovascular system, enabling realistic testing and evaluation of artificial heart devices. 3. Comprehensive Monitoring: The study system is equipped with advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing researchers to measure parameters such as blood pressure, cardiac output, and heart rate, providing valuable data for analysis. 4. Programmable Scenarios: Researchers can create and modify different scenarios, such as varying heart rates, arrhythmias, and cardiac pathologies, to investigate the performance and response of artificial heart systems under different conditions. 5. Research Tools: The system provides a range of tools for data analysis, including software for data acquisition, visualization, and statistical analysis, facilitating comprehensive research studies. 6. Public Availability: This particular Heart Simulator Set is likely the only one available for public purchase, as it has been used exclusively for research purposes. Use Cases: 1. Biomedical Research: The Heart Simulator Set is an essential tool for conducting research in the field of artificial heart systems, allowing scientists and engineers to study device performance, optimize design, and improve patient outcomes. 2. Medical Device Development: Medical device manufacturers can utilize the system to test and validate the functionality and performance of artificial heart devices during the development and validation stages. 3. Cardiovascular Education: Educational institutions can use the Heart Simulator Set to provide hands-on training to students and healthcare professionals, fostering a better understanding of artificial heart systems and their clinical applications. 4. Clinical Studies: The system can be employed in clinical studies to investigate the feasibility and efficacy of artificial heart devices in real-world patient populations, providing valuable insights for future medical interventions. French Description: L'ensemble de simulateur cardiaque SynCadia, système d'étude d'un cœur artificiel à boucle de simulation, est un outil avancé et complet conçu pour l'étude des systèmes de cœur artificiel et la recherche dans le domaine de la médecine cardiovasculaire. Ce système unique offre une simulation réaliste de la fonction cardiaque et constitue une ressource précieuse pour les chercheurs et les professionnels de la santé. Spanish Description: El conjunto de simulador cardíaco SynCadia, sistema de estudio de corazón artificial de bucle simulado, es una herramienta avanzada y completa diseñada para el estudio de sistemas de corazón artificial y la investigación en el campo de la medicina cardiovascular. Este sistema único proporciona una simulación realista de la función cardíaca y sirve como un recurso valioso para investigadores y profesionales médicos. Chinese Description: SynCadia心脏模拟器套装,模拟环路人工心脏研究系统,是一种先进而全面的工具,用于研究人工心脏系统和进行心血管医学领域的研究。这个独特的系统可以准确模拟人类心脏的生理动力学,使研究人员能够在受控环境中 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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