For Sale THERMO SCIENTIFIC 2079E ART 1000E Pipetter

For Sale THERMO SCIENTIFIC 2079E ART 1000E Pipetter

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Thermo 2079E ART 1000E Barrier Pipette Tips 1000μL Universal Sterile (Qty 800). Product Description: The Thermo 2079E ART 1000E Barrier Pipette Tips are a high-quality solution designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratory settings. With a universal fit and sterile packaging, these pipette tips ensure accurate and contamination-free sample transfer. Features: 1. Universal Fit: These pipette tips are compatible with most popular pipettes, providing versatility and convenience for laboratory professionals. 2. Sterile Packaging: Each pack contains 800 sterile pipette tips, individually wrapped to maintain a sterile environment and minimize the risk of cross-contamination. 3. Barrier Protection: The ART (Aerosol-Resistant Tips) design provides an effective barrier against aerosols, preventing potential sample contamination and ensuring reliable results. 4. High-Quality Construction: Made from premium-quality materials, these pipette tips offer exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance during liquid handling tasks. 5. Graduated Markings: The tips feature clear and easy-to-read volume markings, facilitating accurate pipetting and reducing the chance of errors. 6. Ergonomic Design: The pipette tips are ergonomically shaped for comfortable handling, reducing fatigue during repetitive pipetting tasks. Use Cases: 1. Research Laboratories: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and cell culture work. 2. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratories: Ideal for accurately transferring samples, reagents, or buffer solutions in medical and diagnostic testing processes. 3. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies: Essential for pipetting precise volumes of samples, compounds, or solutions during drug discovery, development, and quality control processes. 4. Academic Institutions: Perfect for teaching and training purposes in various scientific disciplines, enabling students to practice accurate liquid handling techniques. French Description: Les embouts de pipette à barrière Thermo 2079E ART 1000E, 1000 μL universels et stériles (quantité de 800), sont une solution de haute qualité conçue pour une manipulation précise et efficace des liquides en laboratoire. Avec leur compatibilité universelle et leur emballage stérile, ces embouts de pipette garantissent un transfert d'échantillon précis et sans contamination. Spanish Description: Las puntas de pipeta de barrera Thermo 2079E ART 1000E, 1000 μL universales y estériles (cantidad 800), son una solución de alta calidad diseñada para la manipulación precisa y eficiente de líquidos en entornos de laboratorio. Con un ajuste universal y un empaquetado estéril, estas puntas de pipeta aseguran una transferencia de muestra precisa y sin contaminación. Chinese Description: Thermo 2079E ART 1000E屏障吸头,1000μL通用无菌(数量800),是一种高品质的解决方案,专为实验室中的精确和高效液体操作而设计。这些吸头具有通用适配性和无菌包装,确保准确无污染的样品转移。 Please note that translations provided are based on general understanding and may vary depending on the context. Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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