For Sale ACTEON S950 S_950_0002 Intraoral Camera

For Sale ACTEON S950 S_950_0002 Intraoral Camera

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This item comes with a 30-Day Return Period if Returned Unused Acteon Soprocare S950 S_950_0002 Intraoral Dental Camera & Mini Dock USB2 S717 Very Nice Kit! New Camera with the a new USB dock included for one low price! Product Description: The Acteon Soprocare S950 Intraoral Dental Camera & Mini Dock USB2 S717 is a cutting-edge dental imaging system that revolutionizes intraoral examination and diagnosis. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this camera provides high-quality images and improves patient communication and treatment planning. Features: 1. High-Resolution Imaging: The Soprocare S950 captures high-definition images with exceptional clarity, allowing dental professionals to visualize and diagnose dental conditions accurately. 2. Autofluorescence Technology: This camera utilizes proprietary autofluorescence technology, enabling the detection of early caries lesions, plaque, and other oral abnormalities that may not be visible under white light. 3. Multispectral Lighting: The camera employs multispectral lighting modes, including daylight mode, natural light mode, and clinical mode, providing optimal illumination for various dental procedures. 4. Mini Dock USB2 S717: The mini dock allows for easy connection and integration with dental software systems, simplifying image acquisition and documentation processes. 5. Ergonomic Design: The camera is lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed for comfortable handling during intraoral examinations, ensuring ease of use for dental professionals. 6. Patient Engagement: The high-quality images produced by the camera enhance patient communication and education, allowing dental professionals to explain diagnoses and treatment plans more effectively. Use Cases: 1. Dental Clinics and Practices: The Soprocare S950 is an essential tool for routine dental examinations, caries detection, oral health assessment, and treatment planning. 2. Orthodontic Practices: The camera aids in orthodontic treatment planning by capturing precise intraoral images, assisting in the evaluation of tooth alignment and occlusion. 3. Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry: Ideal for capturing detailed images of teeth and dental restorations, facilitating accurate and efficient prosthetic and restorative procedures. 4. Dental Education: The camera serves as a valuable teaching aid in dental schools and educational institutions, allowing students to observe and learn about various oral conditions and procedures. French Description: La caméra dentaire intra-orale Acteon Soprocare S950 & Mini Dock USB2 S717 est un système d'imagerie dentaire de pointe qui révolutionne l'examen et le diagnostic intra-oral. Grâce à sa technologie avancée et à sa conception conviviale, cette caméra offre des images de haute qualité et améliore la communication avec les patients et la planification des traitements. Spanish Description: La cámara dental intraoral Acteon Soprocare S950 y Mini Dock USB2 S717 es un sistema de imágenes dentales de vanguardia que revoluciona el examen y diagnóstico intraoral. Con su tecnología avanzada y diseño fácil de usar, esta cámara proporciona imágenes de alta calidad y mejora la comunicación con el paciente y la planificación del tratamiento. Chinese Description: Acteon Soprocare S950口腔内牙科相机及Mini Dock USB2 S717是一款先进的口腔影像系统,革新了口腔内部检查和诊断。该相机采用先进技术和用户友好设计,提供高质量图像,改善了患者沟通和治疗计划。 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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