For Sale NEWPORT HT50 Ventilator

For Sale NEWPORT HT50 Ventilator

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These have been checked for working batteries and were powered on and work as intended Product Description: The Newport HT50 Ventilator is a reliable and versatile medical device designed to provide advanced respiratory support to critically ill patients. With its robust construction and comprehensive features, this ventilator ensures precise and personalized ventilation therapy in various clinical settings. Features: 1. Versatile Modes: The HT50 offers a wide range of ventilation modes, including pressure control, volume control, SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation), and CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), allowing healthcare professionals to tailor the therapy to individual patient needs. 2. Enhanced Monitoring: The ventilator provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including tidal volume, minute ventilation, peak inspiratory pressure, and compliance measurements, enabling precise assessment of patient response and adjustment of ventilation parameters. 3. Battery Operation: The HT50 features an internal battery that allows for uninterrupted operation during transport or power outages, ensuring continuity of care and patient safety. 4. User-Friendly Interface: The ventilator is equipped with a clear and intuitive interface, displaying real-time data and facilitating ease of use for healthcare providers. 5. Compact and Portable: With its compact design and lightweight construction, the HT50 is highly portable, making it suitable for use in emergency medical services, transport environments, and field hospitals. 6. Alarms and Safety Features: The device is equipped with adjustable alarms for high and low pressure, apnea, low battery, and disconnection, alerting healthcare professionals to potential issues and ensuring patient safety. Use Cases: 1. Intensive Care Units (ICUs): The Newport HT50 is a crucial tool in ICUs for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients with acute respiratory failure. 2. Emergency Medicine: The ventilator is invaluable in emergency departments, enabling immediate respiratory support for patients in respiratory distress or failure. 3. Transport and Ambulance Services: Its compact and portable design makes the HT50 ideal for use during patient transport, ensuring continuous ventilatory support throughout the journey. 4. Field Hospitals and Disaster Relief: The ventilator's robust construction and battery operation make it suitable for temporary medical facilities in disaster-stricken areas or remote locations. 5. Long-Term Care Facilities: The HT50 can be utilized in long-term care settings to provide ongoing respiratory support for patients with chronic respiratory conditions. French Description: Le ventilateur Newport HT50 est un dispositif médical fiable et polyvalent conçu pour fournir une assistance respiratoire avancée aux patients gravement malades. Avec sa construction robuste et ses fonctionnalités complètes, ce ventilateur assure une thérapie de ventilation précise et personnalisée dans différents environnements cliniques. Spanish Description: El ventilador Newport HT50 es un dispositivo médico confiable y versátil diseñado para proporcionar soporte respiratorio avanzado a pacientes críticamente enfermos. Con su construcción robusta y características completas, este ventilador garantiza una terapia de ventilación precisa y personalizada en diversos entornos clínicos. Chinese Description: Newport HT50呼吸机是一款可靠且多功能的医疗设备,旨在为危重病患者提供先进的呼吸支持。凭借其坚固的结构和全面的功能,该呼吸机确保在不同的临床环境中提供精确和个性化的通气治疗。 Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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