For Sale NEW BRUNSWICK SCIENTIFIC M1352-0000 Eppendorf Excella 24 Inc Shaker

For Sale NEW BRUNSWICK SCIENTIFIC M1352-0000 Eppendorf Excella 24 Inc Shaker

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This Item Comes with a 30-Day Warranty The item is in perfect condition with tons of extra attachments for many flasks and test tube sizes. **Product Description: Eppendorf Excella 24 Inc Shaker** Welcome to the world of precise and efficient laboratory shaking with the Eppendorf Excella 24 Inc Shaker. Our cutting-edge shaker is designed to meet the demands of modern research and scientific exploration, providing optimal performance and reliability for your lab experiments. With its user-friendly interface and versatile capabilities, this shaker is a valuable addition to any laboratory seeking to enhance productivity and achieve consistent results. **Key Features:** 1. **High Capacity**: Accommodate up to 24 standard-sized laboratory flasks or tubes simultaneously, increasing your throughput and saving valuable time during experiments. 2. **Customizable Shaking Modes**: Choose from continuous shaking, timed shaking, or programmed shaking patterns, tailoring the shaker's motion to suit your specific application. 3. **Variable Speed Control**: Adjust the shaking speed precisely to match your experimental requirements, ensuring efficient mixing and homogenization of samples. 4. **Versatile Compatibility**: Compatible with various vessel types, including microplates, flasks, and tubes, offering flexibility to perform a wide range of applications. 5. **Optional Temperature Control**: Some models offer temperature-controlled shaking, enabling you to conduct experiments at specific temperatures for temperature-sensitive assays. **Use Cases and Applications:** 1. **Cell Culture and Cell Aeration**: Maintain optimal conditions for cell cultures by shaking flasks gently to provide aeration and prevent sedimentation, promoting healthy cell growth. 2. **DNA/Protein Extraction and Purification**: Homogenize tissue samples or cell lysates effectively to extract DNA, RNA, or proteins with high yields and purity. 3. **Enzyme Reactions**: Achieve uniform mixing of reaction components, optimizing enzyme kinetics and improving the efficiency of enzymatic reactions. 4. **Bacterial Cultures and Fermentation**: Ensure consistent growth of bacterial cultures or fermentation processes, enhancing product yields in biotechnological applications. 5. **Solubility Studies**: Enhance solubility studies by shaking samples to assess the solubility of compounds in various solvents or buffer systems. 6. **Immunoprecipitation and Antibody Binding**: Facilitate efficient binding of antibodies to antigens during immunoprecipitation experiments, leading to accurate and reliable results. 7. **Hybridization**: Promote effective hybridization of nucleic acid probes with target sequences in molecular biology applications like Southern or Northern blotting. 8. **Biochemical Assays**: Improve consistency and reproducibility in various biochemical assays, such as ELISAs, by ensuring thorough mixing of reagents and samples. Invest in the Eppendorf Excella 24 Inc Shaker to optimize your laboratory workflows, streamline experiments, and achieve reliable results. Designed with precision and durability, this shaker is your ultimate partner in scientific discovery. Order now and take your research to the next level! Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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