For Sale UVITEC CAMBRIDGE Alliance Mini HD9 auto high-end gel chemidoc imager

For Sale UVITEC CAMBRIDGE Alliance Mini HD9 auto high-end gel chemidoc imager

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This Item has a 15-Day Return Period **Key Features and Capabilities:** 1. **High-Resolution Imaging:** The Mini HD9 offers high-resolution imaging capabilities, allowing researchers to capture clear and detailed images of gels and blots. 2. **Chemiluminescence Detection:** This system is equipped with a sensitive camera and software to detect chemiluminescent signals produced during Western blotting or other chemiluminescence-based assays. 3. **Fluorescence Imaging:** It enables the visualization and quantification of fluorescently labeled samples, such as DNA gels stained with ethidium bromide or fluorescence-labeled antibodies. 4. **Auto Mode:** The "Auto High-End" feature suggests that the system may have automated functions for image acquisition, making it easier and more efficient for researchers to obtain high-quality images. 5. **Multi-Modal Imaging:** The Mini HD9 might be capable of capturing images in various modes, allowing researchers to perform multiple imaging applications on the same instrument. 6. **Analysis Software:** The system likely comes with dedicated analysis software that facilitates quantification, sizing, and other analyses of the gel or blot images. **Potential Applications:** The UVITEC Cambridge Alliance Mini HD9 auto high-end gel chemidoc imager is utilized in various life science research applications, including but not limited to: 1. **Western Blot Imaging:** Detecting and quantifying protein bands in Western blotting experiments using chemiluminescent substrates. 2. **DNA/RNA Gel Imaging:** Visualizing and analyzing DNA or RNA fragments in agarose or polyacrylamide gels stained with fluorescent dyes. 3. **Protein Gel Imaging:** Capturing and quantifying protein bands in SDS-PAGE gels stained with Coomassie Blue or silver stain. 4. **Fluorescent Imaging:** Visualizing and quantifying fluorescently labeled samples, such as in-gel fluorescence or fluorescence-based assays. 5. **Multiplex Imaging:** Simultaneously capturing multiple fluorescence signals from different fluorescent dyes or probes in the same gel. 6. **Gel Documentation:** Archiving and documenting gel images for research publications or record-keeping purposes. Items are sold as-is with no returns or refunds available unless explicitly stated.


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